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Chris Cornell’s Family Believes Prescription Drugs May Have Led to Suicide

Musician had Ativan prescription, which can lead to suicidal thoughts

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For fans still grappling with the suicide of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, the late artist’s family might have shed some light on a cause.

According to Variety, in a statement released early this morning, Cornell’s family said, “Without the results of toxicology tests, we do not know what was going on with Chris—or if any substances contributed to his demise.” Cornell had been taking the prescription drug Ativan, said his family, which is used to treat anxiety and can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Cornell was a recovering addict, who told Spin magazine in 2006 that he had developed a “panic disorder” at 14, after taking PCP, and abused alcohol and other drugs in his 20s. At the time of the interview, he was four years sober.

Cornell’s wife, Vicky, also added her own heartbreaking message in the statement: “Chris’s death is a loss that escapes words and has created an emptiness in my heart that will never be filled. As everyone who knew him commented, Chris was a devoted father and husband.”

Read the full statement from Cornell’s family.

The singer hanged himself early Thursday morning after a Soundgarden tour stop in Detroit. He was 52.

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