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New York’s First Independent Cinema in a Decade

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 (Mirella Cheeseman)
(Mirella Cheeseman)

Movie theaters are increasingly reserved for blockbusters: If it’s not a superhero film pegged to shatter records, it probably won’t have a long shelf life (if you can even catch it in a theater at all). That’s why it’s nice to see the Metrograph buck the trend for New York City, giving the Big Apple its first independent movie theater in 10 years.

Located on Manhattan’s Ludlow Street (by Canal Street), the Metrograph “projects archive quality 35mm and state-of-the-art digital video.” It also offers more than just movies, with the Commissary restaurant, a balcony lounge, bookstore, and candy shop. Its programming is impressively varied, featuring everything from the 1982 punk classic Smithereens to 2012’s beloved video game parody Wreck-It Ralph.

To learn more about the Metrograph (and possibly catch a flick or two), go here. Below, see some photos of its interiors and watch a news story on its attempts to connect with its Chinatown neighbors.

The theater (Mirella Cheeseman)
The Theater (Mirella Cheeseman)
The Commissary Bar (Mirella Cheeseman)
The Commissary (Mirella Cheeseman)