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Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan Face Off in Explosive ‘Foreigner’ Trailer

The Hong Kong action star takes on the former James Bond in the upcoming action flick.

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Never push a good man too far — especially if he’s Jackie Chan.

That’s the takeaway from the new explosive trailer for The Foreigner, in which Chan and Pierce Brosnan face off in a tense game of cat-and-mouse after politically motivated terrorism leaves the Chinese action star’s daughter dead. Chan makes a departure from his usual roles in this explosive action thriller to portray a protagonist of a less comical kind who is up against Brosnan as a British government official.

“It’s a very unique role for him, not what you’d expect of Jackie Chan,” director Martin Campbell told USA TODAY.  “He’s playing a dead-straight role, a very quiet, determined old man with a singular focus of tracking down whoever killed his daughter.”

See the trailer above for the movie that hits theaters on October 13.