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Indian Motorcycles Is Finally Making Their Street-Legal Racer

The FTR1200 lets daredevils take the racer off the flat track.

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This fall, Indian Motorcycles unveiled the FTR1200 Custom, a street-legal concept inspired by the Scout FTR750, a flat-track racer that’s led Indian’s Wrecking Crew to win after win. Naturally, every biker with at least one daredevil bone in his or her body has been in a constant state of cartoon-wolf howling in the seven months since.

Apparently that was exactly what Indian wanted to hear, because the company just announced they’re putting the FTR1200 into production.

And wait until you hear the specs from the press release … oh, looks like they’re nonexistent. All they’re giving away so far is that “it will embody a flat tracker style, [be] housed in a trellis frame and powered by a new V-twin engine.”

“We wanted to make sure that the FTR1200 wasn’t merely a regurgitation of the FTR1200 Custom, but something uniquely ‘street,’ albeit flat track inspired,” says senior Indian Motorcycle designer Rich Christoph. “We’re thrilled about the unique character this bike possesses, and its ability to take American V-twin motorcycles into brand new territory.”

Translation? People watched the Wrecking Crew dominate the American Flat Track series on Indian’s bikes now want those bikes for themselves, and Indian will oblige them (for a tidy sum, of course), but in the end turning an expensive pro-level racer into a street-safe bike for the questionably agile masses is a tall order.

But bikers want American companies to put out something more exciting than a cruiser, so we’ll have to wait and see how the production model compares to the FTR1200 Custom. The bike isn’t slated for release until 2019, but in the meantime, you can enter to win one on their website.

And therein lies the one clue to the final product: Indian lists the “model year 2019 Indian FTR1200” at a $15,000 package value.