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A Look at Lawsuits Against God That Didn’t Have a Prayer

Lawsuits have been filed against a higher power, triggering surreal legal proceedings.

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Even God isn’t above the judicial system: Lawsuits have been filed against the Almighty, both in the United States and abroad.

History buffs’ prayers have been answered as journalist Eric Grundhauser explored this topic for Atlas Obscura.

The lawsuits have generally (but not always) been dismissed. Atlas Obscura captures one of the central difficulties in dragging God to court:

“It turns out it’s this inability to be served notice of a lawsuit that ultimately prevents most courts, like the one in the (Nebraska State Senator Ernie) Chambers case, from allowing legal claims against God to proceed. Still, as (Georgetown University legal scholar Naomi) Mezey notes, if you believe that God is everywhere, then questions of jurisdiction are at least up for debate—the deity, one could argue, has at least minimum contact with every state and county in the nation.”

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