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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Gym in Egypt

2,300-year-old site southwest of Cairo reveals the influence of ancient Greece.

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Archaeologists have identified remnants of what they say is an ancient gymnasium, hailing from the Hellenistic period, reports ABC News. The country’s antiquities ministry confirmed the find, which was made approximately 50 miles southwest of Cairo. The gym contains a meeting hall, which was once adorned with statues, as well as a dining hall, courtyard, and a racetrack that’s nearly 200 meters long.

This undated photo released by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows an ancient dining room dating back about 2,300 years, from the Hellenistic period, a discovery made by a German-Egyptian mission, at the site of Watfa in Fayoum province, about 80 kilometers, or 50 miles, southwest of the capital, Cairo, Egypt. (AP)

Cornelia Roemer, who is the head of the German-Egyptian mission who made the discovery, reportedly said that the find shows the great extent of Greek influence in Egypt.

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