ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JANUARY 09: A view of various spices at Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey on January 09, 2019. (Photo by Onur Coban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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World’s Biggest Spice Company Creating New Flavors Using Artificial Intelligence

McCormick is working with IBM Research to come up with new flavor combinations.

Variety, it’s often said, is the spice of life.

Now, in order to help increase the variety of its offerings, the world’s biggest spice company has enlisted the help of artificial intelligence.

McCormick is partnering up with IBM Research to build an AI system that can use previous data about spices and flavors to come up with new flavor combinations.

In addition to factoring in raw ingredients and seasoning formulas into its suggestions for new flavors, the AI system also incorporates data about sales, trend forecasts, and consumer tests of products.

Thanks to the AI system, McCormick will be adding AI-assisted seasoning mixes featuring flavors such as Tuscan Chicken and Bourbon Pork Tenderloin to its roster alongside standard products such as Old Bay and other seasonings.

Using AI cuts down product development time drastically, so much so that McCormick plans to use it to develop all new products by 2022. For companies like McCormick, getting products to market quickly is key.

“I think a number of firms are looking for ways to address that and grease the wheels of their own innovation cycle,” said Erin Lash, an analyst at investment researcher Morningstar.

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