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Where You Should Be Dining in Monte Carlo

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You vacation in Monte Carlo for one reason: to pretend you’re James Bond. You park the superyacht in the harbor, jump into your supercar, throw on the tuxedo, and head to the casino. A few Negronis later, and you’re making the eye-patched gentleman across from you at the poker table start to sweat.

With all your winnings from the night, you could continue drowning yourself at the bar or go back to the tables—but the best option is taking the “friend” you met, during the longest run of the night, out for a nice meal. (If you want to keep up the Bond mimicry, order an Americano when you get to the restaurant just like the spy did in Ian Fleming‘s first novel, Casino Royale.)

Where to go? Don’t worry; RealClearLife has put together a guide of the top restaurants to patronize in Monte Carlo.

Restaurant Yoshi – Located at the posh Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo, Yoshi is the first Japanese offering from French chef and restauranteur Joël Robuchon. Offering healthy, modern fare, it includes a sushi bar and dining room, which opens into a Japanese-inspired garden. For more information on the restaurant, click here.

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo/Studio Phoenix)


La Note Bleue – Dedicated to famous French jazz saxophonist Barney Wilen, La Note Bleue (i.e. “The Blue Note”) plays host to weekly jazz recitals, and has some of the best al fresco dining in Monte Carlo (click here for the menu), as it’s conveniently situated right on its own private beach. For more on the venue/restaurant, click here.

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Courtesy of La Note Bleue)


Restaurant Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo – Sister restaurant to Yoshi, Joël Robuchon (the restaurant, not the man) is located at the Hotel Métropole. Serving as its main dining hall, the JR’s head chef is Christophe Cussac, and offers Mediterranean food. Guests can literally watch the chefs at work, as it features an open, “Teppanyaki”-style kitchen. For more information on the Joël Robuchon, click here.

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Eric Cuvillier)


Restaurant Il Terrazzino – If you’re looking to avoid a splitting headache the day after the James Bond–impression at the casino bar, we’d suggest going to Il Terrazzino and ordering a giant bowl of pasta. The Italian restaurant, specializing in the cuisine of Naples and its surrounding regions, also has delicious protein options as well (if you’re willing to play through the pain). For more information on Il Terrazzino, click here.

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Courtesy of Il Terrazzino)


l’Horizon Deck – Located at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, l’Horizon Deck features a champagne bar and 360-degree views of Monte Carlo’s top destinations—the Opera House, Price’s Palace, and casino—all framed, of course, by the crystal blue waters of the Riviera. Dress code is “smart casual” for dinner, so no need to remove the lipstick traces from your lapels. (Guests also say it’s a great spot for breakfast—attire his casual, but shoes are required.) For more on l’Horizon Deck, click here.

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Courtesy of the Fairmont Monte Carlo)


Pierre Geronimi, Monaco – This one’s for all of you sugar daddies. Pierre Geronimi deals strictly in ice creams and sorbets—but not the type you’ll find in a ding-a-ling truck cone or dish. This is gourmet ice cream at its finest, with vanillas from Bora Bora; chocolates via upscale chocolatier Bonnat; and all flavors delicately prepared by master ice-cream chef Geronimi himself. (For those who still need a little sustenance after hours, try Geronimi’s inventive sorbet/ice cream salads.) For more information, click here—Will Levith, RealClearLife

Monte Carlo Restaurants
(Courtesy of Pierre Geronimi)