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This App Will Score You Dirt-Cheap Food (and Help You Fight Hunger)

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Too Good To Go
(Courtesy of Too Good To Go)


Do you ever wonder where all that excess food goes after restaurants close for the night? Some goes back in the refrigerator, sure. But a lot of it goes straight into the trash.

One Danish tech firm has a solution: With its Too Good To Go app, diners can order leftovers from participating local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries for, say, as little as $2.50 and with a maximum price of $5.00. After getting a digital receipt, customers can show up to the restaurant and fill up a box with as much of the leftover food as they can fit into it. During the purchasing process, customers are also prompted to donate a small amount of money to feed the homeless. (Over 1,000 meals have been donated so far.) It’s a strong upsell, given the greatly reduced price you paid for the meal in the first place.

The app, which rose to popularity in Scandinavia, has since been launched in Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, and London. Customers can also use the app in Italy, France, Germany, and Norway. (Here’s hoping the United States is next on the company’s list.)

Watch a short roundup video from the company about how the app works.