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Physicist Hates Oreo Cream Filling So Much Invented a Machine to Remove It

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(4uAds via YouTube)
(4uAds via YouTube)


While they’re many ways to eat an Oreo, David Neevel has found a unique one.

The physicist hates Oreo cream so much, he toiled away in a Portland, Oregon garage to create an invention that eliminates the sweet filling from the iconic black and white cookie. His “OSM,” or Oreo-separator machine took “.o4 years” to build and the most difficult part was “learning how to build robots,” Neevel says in a video.

The tongue in cheek video was produced by Wieden + Kennedy Portland where Neevel also works as a copywriter, Fast.Co Design reports. It’s the first in a series the ad agency is producing about the cream or no cream debate among Oreo-lovers, so it’s tough to know how deep Neevel’s hatred for cream filling actually runs.

Regardless, his explanation of the machinery and invention process is food for thought:


— RealClearLife