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The Best Power Dinner Restaurants in New York, D.C., London

Bloomberg dishes on the top spots where you can ‘table’ your business.

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While most business transactions get started in an office, a lot of the bigger ones get completed over drinks or at dinner.

So here’s some food for thought: Bloomberg has come up with 11 restaurants in New York, London, and D.C. worthy of We’ve selected five of our favorites below.

The Grill (New York City) Housed in the former Four Seasons space, it has attracted everyone from Goldman Sachs execs to comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

The Polo Bar (New York City) Hillary Clinton has had the burger at the establishment, which is the perfect place to eat while checking emails.

Lilia (Brooklyn) If you’re an ad exec or designer on the other side of the East River, this is your spot. The Brooklyn hot-spot has seen the likes of First Daughter Ivanka Trump, as well as a number of Wall Street execs.

The Ned (London) A luxury hotel with seven different restaurants from which to choose.

Tail Up Goat (Washington, D.C.) Emphasizing pasta and bread, this is a favorite spot for in-and-out eaters or celebratory diners. Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been spotted here.

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