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Chef José Andrés Says You Should Be Drinking Steak, Not Eating It

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You Should Be Drinking Steak, Not Eating It
(Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)


Don’t be thrown off by that headline; the idea here is not to take your next perfectly marbled, medium-rare Porterhouse, stick it in a blender, and chug it down like a protein shake. But per celebrity chef José Andrés, it’s pretty close.

Andrés told Eater in a recent episode of its podcast, Eater Upsell, that “… when you put a piece of meat in your mouth … [and you get] the smokiness of the charcoal, the juices that begin floating all around your tongue, your mouth,” it forces your body to do a pleasure-inducing double-take. However, “it only lasts five seconds,” he explains. “In the moment those juices disappear, you have this big, round piece of fibers and other things that you’re going to have to be biting to try to break into small pieces for the next 30 seconds of your life.”

But then Andrés throws a curveball. In order to summon that short frisson of culinary deliciousness, he talks about his own personal eating habits.

“I get steak sometimes, and I juice the steak with my hands. I take out the blood, and I put it in a glass, and then I drink it,” he explains. “Those four seconds that you’re drinking the juice of the meat, that’s the way we should be eating meat.”