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Emirates Airline Trolls United Airlines in Wake of Viral Video of Ejected Passenger

Viral Video By
Emirates Airline Trolling United


After a United Airlines passenger was injured while being forcibly removed from a plane earlier this week because of overbooking, it didn’t take long for Emirates Airline to take off with a video ad at its rival’s expense.

The latest United controversy follows on the heels of a separate controversy for the airline in which a pair of passengers were barred from a flight for wearing leggings.

Emirates has good reason to celebrate its competitor’s image problems: Back in March, United’s president and CEO Oscar Munoz was quoted as saying that Gulf airlines “aren’t airlines.”

But TripAdvisor just named Emirates the world’s leading airline.

So Emirates, known for its ultra-luxury amenities, didn’t skip a beat, releasing a video trolling United—telling customers to “Fly the friendly skies … this time for real.” Ouch. Watch it below.