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Amazon’s Market Value Is Now Double That of Walmart

Online retail giant took less than two years to double value of its brick-and-mortar competitor.

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Walmart may be battening down the hatches for all-out war with Amazon on the e-commerce front, but as it stands right now, it’ll be an uphill battle.

Per Recode, in two decades time, Amazon has eclipsed Walmart’s market value—18 years to equal it, and less than two more to double it ($459 billion versus $228 billion).

“Walmart has well more than three times Amazon’s annual revenue, and five times its net income,” notes the web publication. “But Jeff Bezos and Amazon have sold a vision of revenue growth over huge net income figures—and Wall Street has largely bought in.”

That has meant good things for Amazon, who could be looking at becoming the first $1 trillion stock soon enough, and has seen exponential growth this year. Plus, it’s moving in on its distant competitor’s brick-and-mortar space.

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