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Stylists Reveal Work It Takes to Make Tom Cruise Look Good

Sisters Wendi and Nicole Ferreira run M:I-esque operation to get star fit for red carpet.

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Tom Cruise is currently traveling the world, attending premieres to promote his new film The Mummy. Each time he looks good on the red carpet, Wendi and Nicole Ferreira have agonized to get him up to peak star-power.

The stylist sisters spoke to GQ about what it takes to get a star ready for a film’s rollout. They literally need to plan out every outfit, including what he wears at the airport. They describe Tom’s style as:

“Elegant…with a sexy, masculine edge. It’s very classic. He’s very much all about details and there’s minute details but they matter. It sets him apart and makes it outstanding.”

The key term in that description is “minute details.”

The Ferreiras note that Tom’s suits are made-to-measure because a “fraction of an inch” can throw off everything. The result is the two needed to start planning for Tom’s trip about three months in advance. It’s a reminder that being stylish sometimes takes an entire team.

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