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Snapchat’s New Spectacles Being Sold Via Popup Vending Machines

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Snap's glasses will come in one size, and be available in three colors: black, teal, and coral. (Snap)
Snap’s glasses will come in one size and be available in three colors: black, teal, and coral (Snap)


Snap Inc., the company behind popular social media platform Snapchat, is rolling out its first hardware product in a surprisingly low-tech manner: vending machines. Snap’s “Spectacles” come loaded with an onboard camera capable of filming 10-second video clips.

After first presenting the Spectacles product in September 2016, the Snapchat developer is now surprising eager customers with popup vending machines that seem to have an instant, endless line. Selling for $130 a pop, Snap’s Spectacles are incredibly easy to use, with a mere tap on the left side to start recording.

The Spectacles are currently only available via the company's Snapbots (Snap)
The Spectacles are currently only available via the company’s Snapbots (Snap)


The glasses allow wearers to capture and share moments with friends from their own point of view. They offer a 115-degree field of view and can connect to smartphones running Android and iOS over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The videos can then be posted directly to Snapchat.

Eschewing traditional retail shelves, Snap has created buzz by selling its Spectacles in what they’re calling “Snapbots.” These mobile vending machines move to various locations and can be spotted via the Spectacles’ own website.

For the moment, Snapbots will only be traveling within the U.S. One was spotted last week near the famous Santa Monica Pier in California, while another popped up Nov. 21 at the corner of Fifth Avenue next to the Apple store in New York City. A few Snapbots have even been delivered to remote locations such as the Grand Canyon.