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A Guide to Dressing Like 6 of Hollywood’s Most Stylish Men

We help you recreate iconic menswear looks from Don Draper to Django.

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Recently debated at InsideHook HQ: What are the most iconic, indelible menswear “looks” from film and television?

And can said looks be revived by the average chap on the journey to a more stylish life?

The answer is a resounding yes — provided one knows how to use them in the proper way: as inspiration. You’re not trying to rock a costume out there; the goal is to pick out the elements that make the look sing and then put your own personal spin on them.

Which is why we’re bringing you six of our favorite ensembles, complete with available gear to recreate them the right way. From Axel Foley’s varsity casual to Don Draper’s timeless approach to cocktail attire, we’ve got you covered for a litany of sartorial situations you’re likely to encounter in the coming months.

Enjoy and dress well.


The Occasion: Desperately clinging to these final days of summer, which actually isn’t that hard since it’s still hot as balls out there.

You’re Channeling: Magnum P.I.’s signature Aloha machismo.

The Look: This one is actually crazy easy to execute, as, despite what we said above, you actually can pretty much copy the elements to the letter. Plus the style of Hawaiian shirt ol’ Magnum sported is very much having a moment these days. Just skip the Tigers cap — surest way to take an awesome look from zero to costume instantly.

Sunset Leaf Hawaiian Shirt

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511 slim fit advanced stretch jeans

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Legends Flex Belt

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Multi Groomer Beard and Mustache Trimmer

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The Occasion: It’s finally cooled off enough to wear a sport coat and you really want to wear a sport coat, because an in-your-face sport coat is just the right kind of bold, sartorially speaking.

You’re Channeling: Don Draper’s über swaggy New Year’s Eve kit from that episode where he upchucked into an umbrella holder at Roger’s mother’s funeral.

The Look: Again, pretty easy to replicate top to bottom without veering into costume territory. You might want to tone down the jacket just a tad, but then again, you might not, because forget ‘em if they don’t like it (that was certainly Double D’s approach to life). Note: with a jacket like this, be sure to keep the rest of the ensemble super straightforward.

Havana Pink Check Blazer

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Four-Season Wool Dress Pants

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Knit Solid Wool Tie

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Van Damme Belgian Lofer

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The Occasion: Kicking around town on a fall weekend and thus looking for a super easy, idiot-proof ensemble that actually still looks really cool.

You’re Channeling: Wisecracking Detroit detective Axel Foley’s expertly-executed varsity casual vibes.

The Look: This entire look hinges on the jacket — obviously yours doesn’t need to rep the Detroit Lions (unless you’re from the D, and even then it’s risky), and to be honest you’re probably best off copping a plain number and (if the DIY mood strikes) churching it up with a little help from the internet and your tailor. And keep it slim below the waist — light jeans in a baggy fit is … not where you wanna be, style-wise.

Varsity Wool Jacket

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Tri-Blend Scallop Crew Shirt

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511 Sim Fit Stretch Jeans

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Don Draper
The Blanco Perforated Sneakers

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The Occasion: You’ve got somewhere relatively fancy to be and it’s cold as sh*t outside.

You’re Channeling: Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby and his never-ending string of woolly, perfectly layered three-piece + overcoat combos.

The Look: Layers, man. Just good, solid, tonal layers of top-shelf wool in muted tones. Not flashy, but it looks so buttoned up — call it understated gravitas. Again though, the hat is probably too period-specific to sport without conjuring Tommy too overtly (even though it looks undeniably badass). Same goes for pocket fobs, shoulder holsters, etc.

Maruso Wool Three-Piece Suit

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Velvet Trimmed Prince of Wales Checked Coat

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Academia Herringbone Wool Tie

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Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot

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The Occasion: Cold-weather commutes, ski trips, Sundance.

You’re Channeling: Sharp-shootin’ slave-turned-bounty hunter Django during that winter stint when King Schultz was teaching him to shoot sharp and take no prisoners.

The Look: This one’s all about color and texture: eye-catching green jacket, chunky brown scarf, solid tan trouser and a big ol’ dose of finely tanned leather. Trade the gun belt for a regular one, keep an eye out for khaki’s heavier cousin moleskin in the chino department, and (once again) lose the hat. Unless you’re really at Sundance, in which case it totally plays.

Italian Suede Snap Front Jacket

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Moleskin Jean

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Donegal Wool and Cashmere Scarf

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British Belt

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The Occasion: Your inevitable vacation jaunt to warmer climes when you’ve had enough of the bundling up.

You’re Channeling: Dickie Greenleaf, patron saint of boat-lovin’ Riviera playboys and unfortunate casualty of Mr. Ripley’s titular talents.

The Look: You’re on vacation, so relaxed-meets-put-together is the play — and my man Dickie has it down to a science. Grab yourself a camp shirt or knit polo with some texture or a low-key stripe, throw on a pair of loose-fitting shorts cropped above the knee, finish with a pair of plimsolls and get a wicked tan posthaste.

50s Inspired Textured Polo

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Norwich Linen Shorts

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Jack Purcell Low Profile

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