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Meet Menswear Whiz Behind ‘Alien: Covenant’ Fashion Aesthetic

Craig Green created 200 different pieces for the latest sequel in the sci-fi series.

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The hottest up-and-comer in menswear is used to seeing his designs on the runway—not on astronauts running for their lives on an alien planet.

Craig Green, a 31-year-old fashion designer gaining a name for himself, collaborated with costume designer Janty Yates for Alien: Covenant. In total, Green commissioned 200 different pieces for the film’s stars.

Green’s Fall 2015 collection, left, inspired the costumes in ‘Alien: Covenant,’ seen at right on Katherine Waterston. (Mark Rogers/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.)

Green told GQ Style the toughest part was developing pieces for nine or ten different body types, from a slight feminine figure to a six-foot-tall male brawler. Not to mention, multiple versions of each costume were required for each actor and needed to be handmade.

The Golden Globe-winning costume designer first reached out to Green two years ago by showing up unannounced at his studio. (Yates had made numerous calls to the wrong number). She had seen the menswear designer’s Fall 2015 collection in a store and immediately thought of the Alien sequel’s aesthetic that Ridley Scott had expressed to her.

A few months later, Green was churning out various elements of the costumes in the film. His contribution includes the opening scene’s astronaut pajamas, the skin-tight athleticwear, the full body suits, and the spacefarers’ rugged explorer gear.

The cast of ‘Alien: Covenant’ (Mark Rogers/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.)
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