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Tom Ford’s 2016 Spring Collection

Designer gives classic pinstripe suit modern take

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It might look like a style off the streets of London in the 1960s, but this look from Tom Ford’s Spring 2016 collection blends both vintage and modern. The signature piece of this outfit is the fob chain, which Ford updated with an Apple Watch.

Buckley Base Pinstripe Three-Piece Wool Suit, Charcoal ($5,440)

(Tom Ford)

Slim-Fit Dress Shirt With Metal Bar, White ($580)

Tom Ford
(Tom Ford)

White Gold–Striped T Cufflinks ($4,200)

(Tom Ford)

Textured Solid Silk Tie, Black ($250)

(Tom Ford)

Grey Silk Pocket Square With Black Trim ($165)

(Tom Ford)

Palladium Apple Watch Pendant ($1,490)

(Tom Ford)

Black Calf Leather Tudor Lace Up ($1,690)

(Tom Ford)