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Nothing Says “Summer” Like The Camp Shirt, Take a Gander

10 modest choices on this flashy seasonal trend.

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First things first: it’s called a “camp shirt.”

Short sleeves, button front and a “camp” collar with no neckband or top button, creating a loose, relaxed neckline.

A camp shirt crafted from fun floral fabric? That’s an “aloha” or Hawaiian shirt. Done in a solid two-tone? That’d be your classic bowling shirt.

Dating back to the ‘30s, the camp shirt attained its true swag credentials in the 1950s, with stylish cats like Montgomery Clift and Sean Connery sporting them up on the silver screen. Over time, though, the shirt’s relaxed-but-tailored vibe veered into boxy-and-oversized, ultimately becoming the dominion of zany uncles, ska enthusiasts and habitués of one Flavortown.

Recent summers, however, have ushered in updated takes featuring slimmer bodies, more tailored sleeves and a slew of fabrications that range from relatively subdued to “holy sh*t, look at that guy’s shirt.”

Breezily untucked is usually the name of the game, but tucking into a tailored trouser (especially a high-waisted one) has very solid throwback appeal. And giving those sleeves a half turn damn near guarantees arm compliments, even if your camp shirt guns aren’t quite Dwayne Johnson level.

As for the fabric? Whatever floats your boat. I will say, however, that the unexpected fanfare I’ve received for one of the more outlandish numbers below has me rooting for every guy to let his freak shirt fly.

Todd Synder

Todd Snyder | $158

Urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters | $49

Saturday's NYC

Saturday’s NYC | $224


Zara | $16

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters | $30


CMMN SWDN | $305


Zara | $16


TOPMAN | $55


Stussy | $119


TOPMAN | $65

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