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New Hololens App Offers Virtual Reality Piano Lessons

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Still wanting to learn how to play piano but don’t have time for lessons? Teomirn might have the solution.

According to a UploadVR, the idea comes from a Japanese team who set out to create an app that uses virtual reality to teach wannabe pianists the score. Essentially, the app is a personal piano teacher available for download.

Teomirn, which uses Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, syncs up with a real piano where users can choose from a library of songs. Users then practice their musical finesse in two modes.

In the first, users watch a pair of virtual hands demonstrate the correct way to play each song. In the second, users follow along as pair of hologram hands plays a song on a virtual keyboard above the real one. Similar to a video game, players can simultaneously mimic the same hand motions.

The app is still in the design stage but you can watch a preview here.