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Prefab “Extreme Wilderness Cabin” Is Inspired by Early Aerospace Design

Prepare for liftoff.

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Some eco-friendly houses leave a small footprint.

And some barely touch the ground.

“Extreme Wilderness Cabin” Inspired by Early Aerospace DesignThe UK glamping site Tree Tents International just launched Fuselage, an “extreme wilderness cabin” inspired by early aerospace design. The portable and lightweight treehouse can be mounted on stilts or, yes, suspended from trees. Built from sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminum, the cylindrical Fuselage was purposely designed to place in hard-to-reach or heavily wooded areas.

As the designer Jason Thawley notes, “I designed the Fuselage to access some pretty extreme environments — allowing people to stay in these amazing locations with a structure that is both lightweight in construction but as tough as old boots.”

The pre-fab structure takes about 6-8 weeks to design and flat-pack deliver; it’s possible to install yourself, or a team can do it 2-4 days. Before you begin, you can customize the shelter (see below) and get a free site appraisal and quote.

nside, the modular shelter is fully insulated and features marine ply hardwood flooring, double-glazed windows, convertible seating and table, along with twin single bunk beds/mattresses. Upgrades include off-grid power, a wood-fired stove, custom paint finishes, air conditioning and bathroom/kitchen facilities.

International shipping from the UK is available, though it’ll cost extra. Prices start at roughly $33,000.

Photos: Tree Tents International

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