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Patagonia’s Updated Arbor Line Is Made 100% From Recycled Material

More than 8.5 plastic bottles are reused per bag.

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When it comes to the three Rs, no one does it like Yvon Chouinard’s Patagonia.

After launching reduce hub and reuse program, their latest effort to recycle is simultaneously a waste-management professional and casual hiker’s wet dream: an updated line of Arbor packs made from 100% recycled materials.

arbor pack

The collection includes a top-loading Market Pack 15L ($79), quintessential Daypack 20L ($89), throwback Classic Pack 25L ($99) and hike-ready Grande Pack 28L ($129).

arbor pack
Market Pack 15L ($79)
arbor pack
Daypack 20L ($89)
arbor pack
Classic Pack 25L ($99)
arbor pack
Grande Pack 28L ($129)

Wait a gosh-darn minute, haven’t we seen these designs before? Sure have. The heritage styles are tried-and-true Patagonia fashion, from the durable water-repellent (DWR) finish to the trail-tested pockets and carry straps. But despite their economical price tag, they are now exponentially more environmentally friendly.

The 100% recycled design means that at least 8.5 plastic bottles are reused per bag. And thanks to solution dyeing, 96-percent less carbon dioxide is produced and half a gallon of water is saved per bag compared with conventional methods.

As Popular Mechanic points out, while “heritage design” gets thrown around willy-nilly these days, these bag styles can actually be traced back to the brand’s ‘70s beginnings, when the company was called Chouinard Equipment.

Recycled packs and fun facts to share on the trail? Hand ‘em over.

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