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Opinel Reimagines the Multi-Tool, Ditches All That Extra Junk You Don’t Use

Pocket knives are suddenly much more pocket-friendly.

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Seems like pocket tools these days are either stuffed with added functions or so “minimal” as to be effectively clutter. Not to mention non-intuitive: handing an 18-piece multitool to a non-handy person in need of a simple fix like tightening a screw, well, that’s just cruel.

So where are the simple, pocket-friendly pieces that have a few tricks up their sleeve without being over-designed? Sometimes you just need a knife, sometimes you just need a screwdriver. Simple needs like these make it hard to justify toting a full-fledged Leatherman everywhere, and yet many of us do just that.

Enter: this pocket knife from France makers Opinel, a simultaneous ode to convention and invention that blends an everyday pocket knife (ergonomic handle, hefty blade with a wire cutter and wire stripper) with a Phillips screwdriver for 3.5-5mm screws and a flathead screwdriver for 4mm screws. That’s it. No mess of scissors, pliers and bottle openers. Just a few basic tools offering a few crucial functions. Beautiful, no?

Purchase yours, or perhaps one for Pops (better belated than never), here.


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