A screenshot from "Wild Women of the Wasatch: Gnarly Nurses." (Ski Utah, YouTube)

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Work Hard, Play Hard: Introducing the Gnarly Nurses

“Wild Women of the Wasatch: Gnarly Nurses” documents three slope-loving travel nurses.

According to Outside, the job that best allows an adventure junkie to get their fix is a travel nurse.

Given what’s shown in the short film  “Wild Women of the Wasatch: Gnarly Nurses,” we’re inclined to agree.

Directed by Amy David, the film shares the stories of three nurses – Lucy Sackbauer, Erika Klenk and Hannah Barkey – who hit the slopes hard and then make sure others are healthy enough to do the same.

These ladies are willing to hear about whatever attempted (and failed) trick on the mountain inspired a patient to wind up in their care – and then go out and try to pull it off themselves.

“The three gals featured in this episode are people I look up to in life,” David said. “They ski nearly every day, are extremely intelligent and fully independent women chasing their ski dreams while helping others.”

Check it out:

Watch the full video above or at Outside