Majordōmo in Los Angeles, CA. (Flickr)

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Want to Try the Best New Restaurants in America?

GQ put together a list for easy consumption.

Every year, GQ puts together a list of the best new restaurants in America. For the list, “new” means it opened in the past 12 to 18 months. And what makes them the best? A mixture of many things, including “ambition, artistry, heart, style, humor, familiarity, surprise, comfort, conscientiousness, craft,” as well as the more typical restaurant qualities you look for, like how the food tastes, hospitality, value, service and design. GQ tried nearly 75 restaurants across 18 cities and was greeted by the future (touch-screen ordered dumplings), surprises (comment cards in a David Chang restaurant), and traditional dining experiences made dazzling by little features (salty cured egg yolk in a beef tartare). Check out some of the places that made the cut below, preferably before you make your next reservation.

Majordōmo: A David Change restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

Henrietta Red: Run by Julia Sullivan in Nashville, TN

JuneBaby: Chef Edouardo Jordans’s restaurant in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood

Hello, Sailor: Lake Norman, North Carolina

Maydān: U Street in Washington, D.C., led by chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan

Kitsune: 24-seat restaurant run by chef Iliana Regan in Chicago, IL

Chez Ma Tante: Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood

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