Trevor Noah offers President Trump a rare compliment over his North Korea talks (The Daily Show/Comedy Central)

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Trevor Noah Compliments Trump on North Korea Talks

“It’s been almost 18 years since North Korea’s leader met with a high-level American.”

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah offered a rare compliment to President Trump— wrapped in a joke, of course — following news that North and South Korea may call for a permanent end to the Korean War after a 65-year cease-fire.

“I know our first instinct is to hate, and it’s also weird that Trump makes it all about himself, but Trump is right: If it wasn’t for his craziness, North Korea would have never come to the table. That’s what he did. Trump is like the near-death experience that makes people forget why they were fighting in the first place.”

Noah went on to acknowledge that CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is the first time in nearly 18 years since “North Korea’s leader met with a high-level American.”

“This seems like actual progress,” Noah said. Take a look at the clip below.