Wynn Resorts Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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Steve Wynn Mad at Christie’s For Allegedly Ruining Priceless Picasso Masterpiece

He planned to sell the piece for $100 million.

Steve Wynn is furious after Christie’s staff allegedly allowed a metal rod to pierce through a priceless Picasso masterpiece. Wynn planned on selling the  1943 Picasso self-portrait “Le Marin” for $100 million, according to Page Six. Sources say that the painting was severely damaged while stored at the auction house, as a metal extension pole for a wall paint roller allegedly fell on the canvas, creating a “significant hole” in the masterpiece. Christie’s staff was preparing to exhibit the artwork ahead of the auction. This incident comes over a decade after Wynn put his elbow through another Picasso masterpiece, “Le Rêve,” leaving a silver-dollar-size hole. But it was repaired and sold for $155 million.

Wynn, 76, feels like “Le Marin” is torn beyond repair. He also thinks that Christie’s is low-balling him by valuing it at $70 million. He thinks he could have gotten more than $100 million at the May 15 auction.

Wynn’s adviser, private-wealth lawyer and Pillsbury partner Michael Kosnitzky, told Page Six, “To say that Mr. Wynn is upset is an extreme understatement. This was clearly an act of gross negligence on the part of Christie’s employees.”

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