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Have We Reached the Golden Age of Flying?

Airbus is going to start offering the option of bunk beds in the cargo hold.

For a long time now, any change to an airplane is usually met with big sighs and eye rolls — because those changes usually mean the seats are getting smaller, or there will be less leg room. But things might be changing, with an announcement made last week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Airbus, one of the world’s largest plane builders, and Zodiac Aerospace, an airline cabin builder, are going to start building beds for hire. These full-size, lay-out-flat beds will not require a business or first-class ticket. To find the space for these beds, Zodiac had to go into the cargo of the plane, explains Wired.

Airlines buying certain planes from Airbus will soon be able to order new “passenger modules” that are the exact size and shape of a cargo container. You can fit them right into the belly of large planes and can be pulled out if you need more cargo space or are going a shorter distance. The modules look like a cross between an old-fashioned sleeper train and an upscale, yet minimalist, hostel. The beds are narrow and are stacked two high, so be sure you aren’t claustrophobic before you book a nap in one of these. Heading into the cargo hold for a flight might sound weird, but large airliners like the A330 or A380 already have bunks downstairs, where crew members can rest on long flights.

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