Bob Odenkirk appears on Seth Meyers' late night show. (NBC)

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President Trump on “Better Call Saul?” Actor Says Character Would Definitely Rep Him

A retainer is a retainer, after all.

Actor Bob Odenkirk told comedian Seth Meyers on Wednesday night that if President Trump existed in the Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad universe, Saul Goodman — the slimy lawyer Odenkirk portrays on the hit series —wouldn’t hesitate to represent him.

“I do think he would love the limelight,” Odenkirk said of his character. “And I think [he and the president would] have a bit of a mind-meld in how to handle things. He might have an issue with getting paid,” Odenkirk clarified. “The whole ‘I don’t pay people, it should be an honor to just work for me,’ I think [Saul would] say no. You’re going to pay me somehow.”

Take a look at the clip below.