British restaurant magazine name Noma restaurant Worldest best resataurant and people view the manu and srounding the Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen and best among 50 listen restaurants 29 April 2014 (Photo by Francis Dean/Deanpictures) (Photo by Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images)

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This Michelin-Starred Chef Wants to Reinvent Public School Lunches

Dan Giusti left top-ranked Noma to found a start-up that helps bring quality meals to children.

Dan Giusti was once head chef at one of the top-ranked restaurants in the world, but has now set his sights on an even more daunting challenge: fixing American public school lunches. After leaving Noma, the world-famous Copenhagen restaurant bearing two Michelin stars, Giusti founded Brigaid, a company that strives to bring fresh meals, made from scratch, to kids who get their lunch from school.

Brigaid’s first effort led him to New London, Connecticut, a school district where a quarter of students live under the poverty line. And now, Giusti will take his mission to New York City this fall, bringing chefs into public school kitchens in a move that dramatically expands on the company’s previous programs.

Giusti recently shared his philosophy to a crowd at MAD, the biennial conference focused on using food to better the world. Giusti’s plan is an ambitious one, but well worth it.
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