Justice is the 2018 Word of the Year, according to Merriam-Webster. (Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

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Merriam-Webster Anoints “Justice” as 2018 Word of the Year

The word saw a 74% spike in definition look-ups from the previous year.

The 2018 news cycle focused predominantly on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump, the appointment of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the reckoning of the #MeToo movement and the fights for social and racial equality.

Those hot-button topics elevated, “justice,” to the 2018 Word of the Year, according to the publisher Merriam-Webster.

Justice was searched for at a rate 74% higher than the previous year.

“The concept of justice was at the center of many of our national debates in the past year: racial justice, social justice, criminal justice, economic justice,” the company said in a statement. “In any conversation about these topics, the question of just what exactly we mean when we use the term justice is relevant, and part of the discussion.”

By contrast — or in synergy with, depending on one’s point of view — “toxic” was Oxford Dictionaries’ top word of 2018 while Dictionary.com’s was “misinformation.”

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