Former FBI Director James Comey on NBC's "Good Morning America." Comey's memoir is on its way to becoming a TV miniseries. (Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images)

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Memo to James Comey: You Had an Awful Week

The Wall Street Journal hits ex-FBI director over inconsistencies.

While out promoting his new book this past week, former FBI director James Comey produced a chapter of material for someone else’s tell-all.

And the Wall Street Journal noticed.

“The James Comey book tour is off to a rocky start,” writes the newspaper’s Editorial Board.  “The idea was to sell the former FBI director as the Beltway Boy Scout who stood up to a corrupt Donald Trump. But the more we learn about the events Mr. Comey was involved in, the more his self-styled reputation for truth-telling comes into question.”

Case in point can be found in the memos that Comey finally released to Congress on Thursday: Comey writes that he told President Trump he didn’t leak information to the press. But then he writes that he did just that by leaking the memos of his conversations with the President to his friend, Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, “on the understanding that the professor would then leak the contents to the New York Times.”

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