Al Capone, photographed in 1930 (Wikimedia Commons)

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Live Like a Mob Boss in Al Capone’s Mansion for Just $15 Million

The Miami Beach home is for sale.

You can now live the life of a mob boss, without the crime, by buying Al Capone’s mansion at 93 Palm Ave. in Palm Island, Florida.

Al Capone’s Miami compound. (Instagram/boyanmiami)

The house is for sale at $15 million. The four-bedroom villa includes a cabana and two-bedroom guesthouse, as well as a 30-by-60-foot pool and a seven-foot wall that rings the property. The house also contains a ton of history — it was where Capone made many of his most deadly plans, like the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre, one of the most dramatic mob murders of the 1920s. Capone also lived out his final days in the house. You can check out the inside of the house in the video below.

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