Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" coverage of Rex Tillerson's ousting. (YouTube)

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All of Late Night Rallies Around Same, Tired Trump Joke

The comedians could have finished each other’s punchlines, they were so similar.

President Trump fired multiple cabinet and staff members this week, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson the most notable to be booted from the White House, and late-night comedians reacted in unison.

“I heard Trump has been telling people that he fired Rex Tillerson all by himself. Trump brags about firing people the same way a toddler brags about using the bathroom alone for the first time,” Jimmy Fallon said. His West Coast counterpart Jimmy Kimmel echoed similar sentiments: “Of course you did it by yourself, there’s no one left at the White House anymore. It’s just you and your Slovenian captive!”

“Rex was only one of three people who were fired today,” the chorus continued with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. “That’s really such a shame, because Rex Tillerson was having such a good time,” Stephen Colbert said, in what could’ve been the punchline to Noah’s joke.

“I’m not saying Rex Tillerson was a great Secretary of State, he had the energy of a 14-year-old bloodhound on his fourth mint juleps,” Seth Meyers said. “But if you’re going to fire cabinet secretaries for being bad at their jobs, let me refer you to Betsy DeVos’s appearance on ‘60 Minutes.’ Not only was she wildly uninformed, but ‘60 Minutes’ is also her longest workday so far.”