Matchbook image of exterior tiled nightclub. Ad for Show Club. Italian nightclub promotor Maurizio Zanfanti died this week while reportedly having sex. Photo by Jim Heimann Collection/Getty Images)

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Italian Club Promoter Famous for Having Sex Reportedly Dies while Having Sex

Maurizio Zanfanti was a celebrity promotor in the 1970s.

Maurizio Zanfanti who claimed to have sex with more than 6,00 women died earlier this week reportedly while having sex, according to multiple Italian media sources. The nightclub promoter was something of a celebrity in Italy, and had been nicknamed the “Romeo of Rimini.”

Zanfanti rose to fame in the 1970s. He was a promoter for the legendary night club Blow Up, and boasted often about the amount of sex he had. At the time of his reported heart attack, Zanfanti was 63 years old.

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