Kamalame Cay is in the Bahamas.

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Inside the Secret Brunch Party Exclusively Held for Billionaires

This is where billionaires come to let loose.

Once a month, at Kamalame Cay — a private island resort in the Bahamas — a lavish, exclusive island luncheon appeals to jet-setters from around the world. Many of them charter private planes just to attend. Others take their yachts. By 11:15 a.m. on the day of the brunch, herds of wealthy folk have gathered on the 96-acre enclave. The passengers — some young, some old — have come for one reason: brunch. The 15-minute seaplane ride from Nassau starts at $400 per person for a group of 10, while chartered planes and yachts cost much more, and the meal goes for $160 a head. There are also only 75 seats available.

Kamalame is a 27-room property frequented by in-the-know celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Serena Williams, who was just there for her honeymoon. The brunch, which is called a “luncheon,” is a lavish affair filled with wine, live music, dancing and a massive meal.  Each course is served family-style and seating is open. One meal, Town & Country reports, started with a fresh watermelon feta salad and grilled whole shrimp, followed by crispy pork belly. Then came massive bowls of spicy pappardelle pasta with poached lobster. This is the third season of the luncheon, which started as a way to create awareness about the little-known island.

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