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The Hottest New Boutique Hotel Is Not a Hotel at All

It’s a yacht.

If you crave luxury on the high seas, adventure yachting is the answer to your prayers. An adventure yacht is the hottest new boutique hotel, offering a mixture of luxury comfort and rugged maritime freewheeling.

Offshore Output charters the 160-foot boat on weeklong journeys for up to 12 guests, reports GQ, and you can head to either the glacier-studded waters of Alaska or to the Sea of Cortez, a region Jacques Cousteau dubbed the world’s aquarium. Or you could go to the Islands of Cape Verde Archipelago off the west coast of Africa with Variety Cruises on The Harmony “G,” a 173-foot mega yacht. Or maybe you want to go full Indiana Jones and fish for piranhas on a trip through the Peruvian Amazon with Delfin Amazon Cruises.

The adventure options are endless: You could stalk orcas or kayak to glaciers while in Alaska or swim with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez. But don’t forget about hiking on a deserted island, snorkeling around that deserted island, or just straight up drinking mezcal at the bar.

Tired of adventuring? That’s fine, you can chill on the yacht for a few days or go for a sunset swim. According to GQ, the yacht companies tell you that your wish is their command, and they mean it.

Imagine calling this #homeawayfromhome. ??⚓️

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