Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during an event to launch the new Tesla Model X Crossover SUV on September 29, 2015 in Fremont, California. Musk recently announced a major donation to Flint Community Schools. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Elon Musk Donates $480K to Improve Water at Flint Community Schools

The billionaire will help fund the installation of new water filtration systems.

After a few weeks of bad headlines, Elon Musk is finally generating good press after tackling the Flint water crisis.

Flint Community Schools announced Friday that a $480,350 donation from the controversial billionaire and his Elon Musk Foundation will help bring UV water filtration systems to its school buildings.

The new systems will allow students to use school water fountains for the first time since the Flint water crisis took hold.

The filters disinfect lead and bacteria traces in the water pipes. The 12 schools are expected to have new systems full installed by the end of January.

“The new water filtration systems will be instrumental in helping our students return to the normalcy of what should be a fundamental right: having access to safe, clean water for water fountains in their school,” Flint Community Schools Superintendent Derrick Lopez told ABC 12.

Musk first promised on Twitter to help fight the water crisis back in July—before he got into hot water on the social media platform for his tweets about Tesla funding.

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