Deadpool took over Stephen Colbert's monologue.

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Deadpool Commandeers Stephen Colbert’s Monologue

“Deadpool 2” is in theaters this Friday.

Stephen Colbert had a surprise guest on his show last night: Deadpool. Colbert started his monologue by talking about how many superhero movies have come out recently, including Avengers: Infinity Wars and Black Panther. He asks when at what point will audiences say enough with the superheroes? From backstage a voice yells, “will it be Deadpool 2? I bet it will be Deadpool 2.” Someone appears (we can only assume it’s actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the superhero in the movies) in full costume.

“Please guys, no one stand up, it’s CBS, I know how old your audience is,” he says as he takes the stage.

Colbert points out that he is currently doing a show, and Deadpool says, “Don’t be disgusting Stephen. This is the perfect opportunity for me to promote my new movie Deadpool 2 in theaters Friday, and yes I would love to be your guest tonight, thank you for asking.”

Colbert says he already has a guest, so Deadpool takes over his monologue instead.

“Oh really, you think you can both stand and read jokes?” Colbert asks. “You know in our own way, late-night hosts are like superheroes.”

“Because you’re all mostly white men?” Deadpool responds.

Check out the video below.

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