Colbert celebrates the Thai cave rescue, then slams Trump's migrant policies. (YouTube)

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Colbert Turns Thai Rescue Political, Attacks Trump

Comedian contrasts heroic divers with border policy separating immigrant families.

Stephen Colbert celebrated the rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, but quickly turned his sights on President Trump and the ongoing crisis at the border, where thousands of children—including dozens of toddlers—have yet to be reunited with their parents.

“Everybody loves this story. Are you listening, Mr. President? Freeing children makes people like you!”

Colbert also criticized the administration for immigrant hearings currently underway that are putting babies in front of judges, citing a report of a Phoenix immigration judge who could “hardly contain his unease” while asking the defendant “whether they understand the proceedings.”

“I’m embarrassed to ask it, because I don’t know who you would explain it to, unless you think that a 1-year-old could learn immigration law,” Judge John W. Richardson reportedly told the lawyer representing the 1-year-old boy.

“Where is justice? Where is justice?” Colbert asked, imitating a baby-turned-lawyer. “Because it rolled behind the couch and I lack object permanence.”

Take a look at the clip below.