"Mind over matter" might not be quite as accurate as we thought. (Getty Images)

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Can You Really Use “Mind Over Matter” for Your Gym Session?

Study shows it’s more about “mind working with matter.”

The phrase “mind over matter” suggests that the power of thought can override physical processes, but a new study found that a variation like “mind with matter” might be more appropriate for one’s health.

We know that the mind influences matter, as Big Think reported, so viewing it as a battle via the word “over” enforces an unhealthy relationship. This idea is now backed up by science thanks to a new study out of Stanford University that found that the mind has a profound effect on how our body’s chemistry operates.

Psychologists in the study found that”just telling a person they have a high or low genetic risk for certain physical traits can influence how their body functions when exercising or eating, regardless of what genetic variant they actually have.”

The research team found that physiological responses changed when participants were informed they had an increased genetic risk for obesity or low exercise capacity. This information changed their mindset, and therefore affected their chemistry. For instance, volunteers who were informed that they were predisposed to having a lower exercise threshold performed worse on a treadmill test than their counterparts — even if they were not actually predisposed.

Mind and matter, the study concluded, are thus intimately connected, with one affecting the other dramatically.

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