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Barack Obama in Talks with Netflix for ‘Production’ Deal

Barack Obama may partner with Netflix for a series of shows involving Michelle Obama as well.

Barack Obama may be getting a Netflix show. According to CNN, Obama might appear on-camera as the moderator of a new series on Netflix. Or he might be off-camera as a producer of a show. Or, he could do both. There are talks underway between Obama and Netflix, according to a source familiar with the discussions. The source characterized it as a “production partnership,” and said that no deal has been finalized. Michelle Obama would be involved in the series of shows as well. It would be a big win for the streaming service, and it would give Obama a platform to reach a huge audience around the world. Netflix says it has more than 117 million subscribers, 55 million of whom are in the United States. News of the talks was first reported by The New York Times. They described two potential shows: “Mr. Obama could moderate conversations on topics that dominated his presidency.” Another show “could feature Mrs. Obama on topics, like nutrition, that she championed in the White House.” In Obama’s final days in the White House, it was reported that Obama was interested in pursuing digital media ventures after he left office. At the time, Jen Psaki, Obama’s White House communications director, told CNN that “he is very interested in how people consume information and the changing trends,” citing online and mobile news consumption.

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