Men wearing traditional knight armour fight during the annual medieval "Just Out" festival next to Manasija monastery, near the town of Despotovac, on August 25, 2018. (OLIVER BUNIC/AFP/Getty Images)

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Real Fights Make History at Serbia’s Medieval Festival

Sixty fighters participated in the tournament.

About 60 people from European countries participated in a medieval battle at a Serbian chivalry festival this weekend. But they did not just perform a half-hearted re-enactment — instead, the fighters participated in full-contact fights in a sport known as medieval battle.

The fighters dressed head-to-toe in knight’s armor and used blunted weapons on a grassy pitch outside a 15th century fortress in eastern Serbia. The matches proved intense and highly physical, and can be described as mixed-martial arts combined with medieval weapons.

“I have a background in boxing and I love history, so for me (this sport) is a good mix,” said 28-year-old French fighter Victor Rousseau, 28, as he prepared for a group match, according to AFP. 

The tournament was part of a three-day medieval festival called “Just Out.”

“This fighting and this culture… it’s wonderful,” said Velimir Birmanac, a Serbian spectator wearing “civilian” medieval dress with a loose shirt and belt holding a dagger, satchel and hollowed animal horn for drinks, according to AFP. 

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