The sun sets over Bears Ears National Monument seen from the Moki Dugway June 11, 2017 north of Mexican Hat, UT. President Trump announced earlier in June that he is scaling back Bears Ears by 1.1 million acres. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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50 Places You Need to Visit Before They’re Gone Forever

You’ve been doing your bucket list all wrong.

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Everyone has a list of places they need to see before they die. But really, the question is what places do I need to see before they die? Inside Hook put together a list of 50 places to visit before they go away for good, from ruins to baseball stadiums to bookstores to natural wonders. Be warned: You’ll want to start planning your next trip now. Here are the top 5:

1. Alaska, United States: It has forests, rivers, glaciers and more, all of which are guaranteed to take your breath away. But with the climate heating up, some of those wonders are starting to melt. Plus, sites like the Arctic National Refuge are threatened by the calls for oil, gas and mineral enrichment.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey: Casinos, concerts and roller coasters, what more could you want? But Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey hard and it is still be rebuilt. Another storm could be devastating.

3. The Amazon, South America: The two-million-square-mile tropical rainforest that covers much of northern South America is considered the most bio-diverse ecosystem in the world. But droughts are getting longer, which is threatening the trees, and therefore, the ecosystem.

4. The Beach Beach, Maya Bay, Thailand: You know this idyllic strand of beach on Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi island from the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach. Tourists have started streaming in and have damaged the coral reef, forcing a temporary closure.

5. Bear Ears National Monument, Utah, United States: A pair of sunset-red buttes in southeastern Utah are surrounded by protected land in Utah. But President Trump’s “public lands rollback” reduced the size and protection of two dozen national monuments. Bear Ears was cut by 85 percent.

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