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More Than 100 Newspapers Unite Against Trump’s War On The Media

They launched a coordinated release of editorials.

Newsrooms across the country are uniting against Donald Trump’s repeated assertion that the media is the “enemy of the people.” More than 100 papers launched a coordinated effort against the president’s attacks on the press through a series of editorials that will all be published Thursday.

The New York Times writes: “The Times is joining hundreds of newspapers, from large metro-area dailies to small local weeklies, to remind readers of the value of America’s free press. These editorials, some of which we’ve excerpted, together affirm a fundamental American institution.”

The Mercury News and East Bays Times, in San Jose, California writes: “Journalists are trying to do a job. We’re not trying to tear down our nation. We’re trying to strengthen it. For we believe in the foundational premise behind the First Amendment – that our nation is stronger if its people are informed.”

The Sun Sentinel, from Deerfield Beach, Florida writes: “Our country’s leader shouldn’t be making it easier for dictators to harass and silence journalists in places where freedom of the press remains a dream.”

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