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‘Liar’s Poker’ and ‘Big Short’ Trader Allegedly Operated Violent Sex Dungeon

Federal lawsuit accuses Howard Rubin of physically and sexually assaulting several women.

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According to a new $27 million Brooklyn federal suit, a former portfolio manager for an investment fund sexually abused and assaulted women in his Manhattan penthouse dungeon.

Howard Rubin, a former Bear Sterns trader, rented the space in Midtown’s Metropolitan Tower so he could have “brutal sex” with women, reports the New York Post. He paid the women between $2,000 and $5,000 per session, the suit, filed Thursday, says.

There are three unidentified plaintiffs in the case, two of whom are reportedly Playboy Playmates. They claim that Rubin, whose high-stakes dealing was featured in Liar’s Poker and The Big Short, raped and beat them to the point that they needed “excessive medical attention,” according to court papers and reports by the Post.

Howard Rubin. Flickr.
Howard Rubin. Flickr.

The suit was filed by civil attorney John Balestriere. It claims that Rubin gagged, tied up, and viciously abused the women. He even punched one in the head, and beat one of the women’s “breasts so badly that her right implant flipped,” reports the Post. Rubin allegedly paid her $20,000 to repair the damage.

According to the Post, he allegedly told another one of the women: “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter.” A different plaintiff was tied up, gagged, and shocked with a cattle prod in her groin, the filing says, and after, Ruin allegedly raped her.

Rubin did not work alone—he collaborated with two female fixers and a lawyer. The group had the women sign non-disclosure agreements, according to the court filings. Balestriere wrote that these efforts were an attempt to “cover up Rubin’s sexual misconduct and criminal abuse of women and to serve as a cover for his wide-ranging human trafficking scheme,” according to the Post. 

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