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Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car

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(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

While owning a car is undeniably satisfying—we’ve address their charms here and in many other pieces—it can quickly become a burden if not properly maintained. A new checklist from the Car Care Council offers some practical advice for keeping your car in optimal condition, which contains a few quick fixes that are easy to overlook.

One surprising cause of poor performance is a dirty car. Letting it go too long without a wash doesn’t just interfere with windshield visiblity; dirty cars rust faster and are susceptible to chemical buildup, too.

Also, as fun as aggressive driving is, it can decrease your overall fuel economy and wear on your tires, which can affect safety and performance. Keep your car properly tuned and recognize a benefit of sometimes sticking to the speed limit.

The CCC recommends avoiding unexpected car problems by keeping a regular service schedule—that means routine inspections and repairs. Even the best-made cars suffer wear on their components, which need to be replaced over time. Preventative maintenance is the safest, and cheapest, method of keeping your ride in optimal road shape.

To read the full checklist, click here.