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Shelby Will Unleash 10 New GT500 Super Snakes

The muscle cars will be built from original 1967 Mustangs and have a starting price of $250,000.

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The only thing better than a car backed by 550 ponies and the three most storied racing stripes in automobile history?

That same car with a 50-plus-year chip on its shoulder.

Back in 1967, the Shelby GT500 was made. Meaning it, just one, was made. The 170-MPH muscle car impressed, yet was deemed too expensive for further production and stuffed into a drawer. Now, citing a need to resolve “unfinished business,” Shelby American has unearthed the automobile, with plans to make up to 10 made-to-order models at a starting price of $250K.

Shelby GT500 Super Snake (Shelby American)

This isn’t the first time Shelby’s paid homage to its legendary ’60s muscler: you might remember the line of Super Snake-inspired autos they rolled out at a more reasonable $70K a pop last year.

Interior of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake (Shelby American)

But for our money, there’s nothing like the first time. If you’ve got the coin and can make space in the garage, expect an uncommon union of vintage lines and modern brawn. Tucked beneath a Wimbledon White finish, specialized Goodyear tires and that timeless hissing cobra logo, you’ll find a four-speed Toploader transmission and a beastly aluminum Shelby Engine Company V8.

Need any more authenticity? That’s Carroll Shelby’s signature on the dash.

You can find more info on claiming one of the 10 bespoke Shelby Super Snake models here.