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Rossinavi Unveils Two New Superyacht Concept Designs

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An exterior look at the Attitude concept (Rossinavi)
An exterior look at the Attitude concept (Rossinavi)


Two new yacht concepts capture the style and design of a luxury Italian villa and place it on the high seas. Italian ship-maker Rossinavi unveiled its latest concepts, Attitude and Project I-Tron.

Attitude is Rossinavi’s interpretation of a classic lobster boat, striking the perfect balance between sport and style. The 174-foot yacht has enough space to sleep 10 guests, spread across five cabins, but there’s room to entertain many more. The upper deck is home to the master’s cabin with a private deck for breakfast, while the lower deck has cabins with two twin beds and two doubles. The owner’s cabin has glass sides that wrap around to form the yacht’s “spoiler,” which makes a hard line down the transom and forms a sundeck on the stern.

Attitude, at port (Rossinavi)
Attitude, at port (Rossinavi)
A look at Attitude's interior, inspired by an Italian villa (Rossinavi)
A look at Attitude’s interior, inspired by an Italian villa (Rossinavi)

The main cabin’s floor-to-ceiling windows bring ample natural light inside while providing a full view of the surrounding panorama, whether cruising into port or steaming through the Mediterranean. Speaking of which, the yacht’s able to make the trip from there to the Caribbean on a single tank of gas. Engineered for the environmentally conscious, Attitude’s ultra hydrodynamic hull means it rests mostly above sea level for the best possible fuel efficiency. It also allows for shallow cruising, so no beach is off limits.

I-Tron's exterior at night (Rossinavi)
I-Tron’s exterior at night (Rossinavi)


A sports yacht suited for those looking to sail beyond the usual boundaries of exploration, the I-Tron is the futuristic product of a collaboration between South Korean superyacht designer Chulhun Park and Italian interior designer Francesca Romana Treleani. The 138-foot yacht can sleep 10 guests between its owner’s cabin and four double guest cabins (it even has room for seven crew members). The concept comes loaded with a state-of-the-art entertainment system for rainy days as well as a spacious beach club with a glass-bottom pool to enjoy in sunny weather.

I-Tron's interior has a sophisticated, futuristic vibe (Rossinavi)
I-Tron’s interior has a sophisticated, futuristic vibe (Rossinavi)


Featuring an electric blue line that extends from its bridge to its bow, the superyacht’s eponymous aesthetic evokes the light bikes from the science-fiction film Tron, one of designer Park’s hallmarks. I-Tron’s interior resembles something of a futuristic Art Deco style, adorned with refined glass and metallic surfaces. Skylights in the bulkhead of the main cabin as well as its tall windows only add to this bright and colorful vibe, paralleling the yacht’s exterior.


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